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Romero - Gonzales

Romero-Gonzales family line is rooted and directly descendedfrom both southern and northern areas of Spain. Our Romero name is from the southern part of Spain in Seville and is believed to be a name that 'the secret jews' of early New Mexico took on to avoid Catholic persecution. Both my grandfather and Uncle, 'The Judge' writes/wrote of jewish family history. The Romero side immigrated to Bernalillo / Torrance county, New Mexico in roughly the late 1700's to the early 1800's. Our Romero family name first appeared in Catholic spanish records in Spain, in roughly 1744. Our family's Romero name appeared in 1744 with Manuel Romero married to Maria Rafaela Baca. Manuel Romero Early maiden names of Romero male marriages were - Zamora, Atencio, and Sanchez. Both Romero and Baca family names could easily were names of Catholic and/or Jewish converts to Catholicism.

Mother - Linda Joy Romero Graham - local government positions - marketing coordinator - mother of 4 - president of the Montecito/Hope Ranch Republican women's club - Goleta water board advisor - various school boards
Grandfather - Manuel Augusto Romero - Chief Master Sergeant U.S.A.F - Masters (just shy of P.H.D. did not complete Doctoral thesis) degree from UNM - Albuquerque, NM city college professor - real estate investor
Aunt - Donna Romero - U.S. Army - served directly under/with General Colin Powell (then a Colonel)
Uncle - Juan C. Romero - Torrance County Clerk
Aunt - Carmen Romero de Sanchez - U.S.P.S: New Mexico
Uncle - Julian C. Romero - WWII veteran - Basketball coach - New Mexico Department of Atomic Energy - Board of Directors: University of New Mexico department of Math & Engineering
Uncle - Jose Romero
Uncle - Margarito Romero - Knight of Columbus - WWII Veteran - Worked for federal government at Sandia Labs and U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in Albuquerque - Held assistant top secret control officer position - COMSEC distribution computer systems & systems control
Uncle Ernesto Romero - Bernalillo county District Court family law judge - U.S.A.F Captain & Major in A.F. Reserve - JAG - residential real estate investor
Uncle Frank Gonzales - Hardware store owner, invested and owned 50+ residential homes in Sacramento
Uncle Tony Gonzales - residential real estate, invested and owned 50+ residential homes with his brother Frank in Sacramento2nd
Cousin Lucy Gonzales - restaurant manager and owner
Cousin Beth Gonzales - FBI investigator
Aunt Bernadette Sanchez - multi-term New Mexico state senator
Cousin Deanna Sanchez/Armarijo - Magna Cum Laude University New Mexico - Currently running for Albuquerque judgeship

Mccoll (Maccoll) - Graham - Dixon - Pinkham

The Graham-Dixon family is rooted in England and some portions of our family line are direct descendant of the Spencer royal family in England.

Father - David Hugh Graham - Protestant pastor - father of 4 - Masters of Divinity - real estate investor
Grandfather - Hugh Spencer Graham - Canadian immigrant - steel worker - partnered with David Weyerhauser, son of the founder of a 25 Billion market cap timber company, patent holder, inventor, owned and operated manufacturing facilities in Washington state and Pasadena, CA.
Great Uncle - Chief of Police, Sualt Saint Marie, Ontario, Canada
Uncle Bruce- Sportscaster of local television stations - Florida & Michigan
Great, Great Aunt - first woman graduate of Brown University
Aunt Marge- commercial real estate owner and investor in Toronto, Canada
Aunt Althea - commercial real estate owner and investor in Newport Beach, CA
Great, Great Uncle - 7th Governor of Montana, Montana Senator, Assistant Secretary of Interior -
Great grandfather and grandmother - co-founded Asuza Pacific University in Asuza, California - missionaries in Schenzen, China (perhaps ironically, my great grandfather and great grandmother left by boat (F.O.B.) from San Francisco and arrived in Schenzen, after years of missionary work and two of their young children dying from medical disease, they came back to found APU).

Great, Great grandfather, William Pinkham's published book...APU in the early days...The Training School for Christian Workers was founded by my great, great grandfather William Pinkham which eventually merged with two smaller schools to form Asuza Pacific University - APU's 'history' was written much, much later, post-facto...

My grandfather, on my mother's side, being awarded his designation as a Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force...


Ernesto Romero 'the Judge' - JAG - Family law District Court Judge in New Mexico - Major in AirForce - Captain in USAF reserves - story here and also said by my grandfather Manuel Romero, we are mixture of Catholic and Jewish Jews from Seville, Spain...

My immediate family, oddly enough, no longer accepts me, mostly due to my incessant and persistent discussion of Judaism and the like...

My 'brother', unfortunately is diagnosed bi-polar - my sister 'Katy' has had over 6 'hospitalizations' to literally, mental institutions...since roughly 2007 and then completely fabricated and lied about her medical condition to her, probably now divorced, husband...

My other sister takes medication, although believe without an official diagnosis, nevertheless, her husband...probably one of the intelligent, saavy and nornally level headed person (karate blackbelt, marine,  IQ above 160, marine and state bar attorney in Illinois to a fairly successful law firm...) one would ever encounter, attempted suicide, primarily due to the adoption of 3 hatians...and my sister's basically craziness, is now probably on medication as well.

And, of course, my mother has had 9 or 10 separate mental hospitalizations...

And my father, brilliant, yet a child abuser and a wife abuzer...beat my brother until my brother was roughly 7 or 8 years old and beat the literally crap out of my mother and then had her 'hospitalized'...because of a previous diagnosis...which, for the most part was probably due to his completely crazy Christian mother was basically literally signed over to my father when she was 17 years father was my mother's literally teacher at Monte Vista School in CA since she was roughly 15 or 16 years old...

And these are 'the people' that take issue with my minimal practice of Judaism.

2006 bible international student bible study...and other pic with international students... every 2 to 4 weeks 60-80 new students per week...