Google Maps SEO

Optimizing Google Maps?  Isn't the easy, well, yeah, it is, however, fairly perplexing that many websites and companies don't update their Maps listings or write quality descriptions, etc.  For us, we're not asking for visitors, in other words, most of our team simply 'does the work' with no elaborate or cumbersome meeting proccess to get in the way of 'productivity' with SEO-ing Google Maps.

However, for other companies, business and shops Google Maps could be a HUGE key to their success - why?  While like mentioned on the Good SEO Company page about my favourite pizza Shop - Simon and Jose's - like nobody even nu they existed and then they closed shop.  In other words, if only someone or even NOBODY was telling them the 'keys to success' wasn't just about serving Great Pizza - they had to be, in other words, KNOWN.

As soon as we update our Google Map Listing, the bizarre Australian will know where Paul (Singer) Mitchell is Hiding - so in an effort to stay somewhat 'hidden' with perhaps a somewhat 'Provactive' hand gesture, every now and then, we don't fully reveal ALL of the locations of...AutomationAnytime!  Butt, here's, at least one location(s)...

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