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Customer Case Study - YourLegal411 - Attorney Services Made Easy

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YourLegal411 (2013) Santa Barbara

Current Situation of Consumer:

Bridge the gap between current attorney pricing and/or an underserviced section of the U.S. legal consumer in Family law.

We found a disconnect between the claim of 'equal justice under law' of the United States Legal System and the monetary cost for that statement to be accurate.  In other words, how do a section of consumers reach a high level of service for their cases without having to work with high profile or the proverbial politically connected attorneys.

Our questions didn't, unfortunately, solve the disconnect in the U.S. legal system, as our small company simply didn't have the resources, in comparison to other brands.  However, we did develop a system of extremely low cost AND free solutions for legal consumers to complete tasks on their own, purchase guidebooks and forms and hire quality and low cost attorneys to solve portions of their case, many times, without large upfront retainer fees.

As of 2103, the company (YourLegal411) was valued a 1-3MM+ - Attorney Advertising & Marketing - Complete Ad Campaign, SEO, SEM, Attorney Network, Employee Hiring and Website Build Out. Enrolled 1,500+ paid members into attorney services plan.

Continuation of YourLegal411 Company Case Study 

Potential Project Outcomes

The solution, ironically, for the company was to slow operations to due the actual task being beyond our actual scope to complete.  We had a number of tasks involving consumer perception of the valuation of the actual value of our services and, within, the first 6-13 months of operations (although reaching, at times, up 30-40K in gross revenue with 4-58contracted and remote sales, marketing and admin and managing an attorney network across the country, the consumers we served, a-priori had an underlying belief that, although they 'wanted' attorney services to be low cost and some expected free, in order to scale the effectively scale organization according to the marketing programs we developed and lead generation and sales processes, the ultimate outcome of the company was still somewhat questionable for the next stage of continued growth.  In other words, myself and 3 other 'fantastic' sales people were keeping the company net profitable, however, the sales people were more valuable and eventually moved on to other organizations and, although volume of leads, organic rankings and network of attorneys was built, the company would either need to make a 'risky bet' on reaching a more well funded consumer in the family law space (which would raise lead costs and reduce margins) or temporarily pause operations and attempt to iterate and improve.  Ultimately, as me as the decision maker, chose the ladder.  Both from a simple net revenue standpoint and from the standpoint of best interests of the consumers we served.