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Base level marketing data sets for marketing and advertising - nothing insightful with our data, per se.

Cell Phone Lists and Cell Phone Marketing Lists

U.S. consumer mobile phone data - all of U.S. mobile phones - over 4 million mobile numbers and cell phone lists only $299 - state by state varies starting at $49 per state

U.S. business mobile phone data - 2 million mobile business phone numbers only $399 - state by state varies starting at $79 per state.

Remote teams, online meeting, network monitoring and online event buyers - email and phone data

- Webex users

- GoTo users

- Virtualization users

- Cell phone marketing lists and numbers of technology users

Marketing Automation

Listing your business on directory websites like Yelp, Manta, YellowPages and over 30-60 high viewership online business directories will instantly place your business in front of interested buyers.  Consumers search business directories where we place your website and business contact information, over 4 million daily visitors to directory websites!

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