Privacy Policy

The privacy policy (dated 10/29/2023) is updated and in effect for the website ( - if you have any questions, please use the contact request form)

Name, email, phone number, email address, website name and IP address and dates & times. - additional non-sensitive information includes - service interest.  By completing a form at (AA), we obtain the right to contact you regarding similar websites and offers as well as to survey our user base to identify how we can more ideally serve our users.  AA believes that by obtaining described above information sets about our users our users' website experience will be enhanced.

We use a variety of methods to obtain user information including cookies, weblogs, webforms, registration for online events and courses, newsletter sign-ups, order information, billing and payment data (obtained externally) and potentially SSN.

At this point, AutomationAnytime, does not share any of your information with websites or companies not included in our network.  For a list of companies that is included in our network, please complete a contact request.  We do not share, redistribute or sell personal (sensitive) information collected on our network of websites or cloud based webservers.

By completing any form on our website you consent to be contacted and any payment information obtained on this website or other websites will be kept private per the website's privacy policy, however, any information obtained through our network of websites or payment gateways are not subject to our domain, therefore, your information's security is subject to the specific domain where obtained.

We use a variety of analytic methods to learn about our user base, of which, can be used to benefit our users.  Our users at AutomationAnytime have the rite to disable cookies and analytic tracking when first visiting AutomationAnytime.  The information obtained on this site will be secure for the lifetime that our cloudservers are active and kept secure using high grade encryption technology and advanced security measures.  Any updates to our privacy policy can be found at any time at our Privacy Policy page.  Our website domain has a built in SSL that insures current secure layer software standards.