Prime Marketing

Amazon PRIME marketing

Most amazon webstore owners and advertisers, that are successful, have their products and services mostly figured out.  In other words, a source of fairly predictable income, hopefully, in non-competitive categories or have the buying power to simply successfully run a margin on business operations.  You can read a few simple suggestions for that on the Prime SEO page.

Automation Anytime from an operational standpoint can simply assist with automating tedious, often manually imputed information sets, pictures, descriptions, etc that often would be ideal if changed and modified on a periodic basis for increased profits due to keyword triggers and Amazon website searches.  Makes a big difference and takes a lot of time.

From a Amazon Prime marketing standpoint, the process is similar, however, slightly modified and has more to do with enticing targeted visitors to induce a buying action both on Amazon and your product or service page.  A surprising lift (increase in visitor conversions) often happens, which, in turn leads to greater net profits.

Prime review and Prime review marketing both on Amazon and ad networks is another way.  In other words, leveraging verified reviews AND purchases to attract customers from other large visitor webstores and websites.  The process works.

For Amazon Prime marketers who are just starting out, we also have a tried and true process for you to obtain your first few sales.  Through Amazon's pay per ad service and through an organic process (in other words, without spending money on Amazon advertising.)  This process can be deployed both for already established Prime marketers and advertisers and for one's that are just getting started or want to grow their product or service base.