Attorney SEO Automation

What are the reasons attorneys select automated local search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)?

Mostly small 'start-up' firms and firms with minimal case loads opt for automated seo.  Mainly due to the lower cost and effectiveness of automed seo and sem.  Really, the only difference between a dedicated resource allocated time to daily, weekly and monthly optimization tasks and deploying automated systems and rules with key indicators to induce SEO and SEM tasks.  In other words, similar to the difference between a fairly elaborate and complex team of international attorneys and C suite staff conducting negotiations on a global merger or acquisition and handling a few simple forms, filing paperwork and double checking with clients to ensure satisfaction.  Does that make sense?

AutomationAnytime and affiliated sites, has scaled multiple nationally ranked websites in the legal services category and deploy ethical processes to ensure our cost and quality per lead makes our customers happily smile.

Attorney SEO Automation

We display your attorney services across multiple high viewership websites

increased displayed ads = increased relevant ads viewed = increased quality case load

Exclusive Attorney SEO Automation Includes

Real Time, Exclusive Attorney Service Requests (Leads)

Search Engine Advertising 

Directory Listing Display Advertising

Google Ads

YouTube Ads

Search Engine Optimization

Attorney SEO Automation

Attorney Service Leads For $10 - $49 Per Lead

Display Your Attorney Practice On Many Of These Attorney and Law Websites

AVVO, LegalMatch,, LawyerLegion, Justia, LawyerCentral, FindLaw, LawInfo, MartinDale Hubble, Nolo, Legal500, LegalZoom, LawGuru, BestLawyers, DiscreteTaskAttorney, and More!

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Average Cost of Attorney Leads

At AutomationAnytime, the average cost isn't the only consideration, some companies like 'pre-paid legal leads' are roughly $8-$10 per lead.  The attorney servicing the contacting and servicing each legal service inquiry is equally, if not more important than the low cost per lead.  In other words, we endeavour to service each lead with the care and level of expectation displayed on various sites.

Our average cost per lead in family law is roughly $6-$8 per lead, unless you enroll into an SEO & SEM monthly agreement, where after a time, your wholesale cost would be around $4-$5 per lead (local traffic and other variables may change the exact pricing per lead, sometimes lower, other times higher)

Legal business category

Avg. cost per click

Accidents & Personal Injury Law


Criminal Law


Bankruptcy Law


Estate & Probate Law (incl. Wills)


Family Law (incl. Divorce)


Tax Law


General Practice Law



Display your business across many of these directory and social websites

Attorney SEO Automation

Examples of Attorney SEO and Attorney Advertising:






*Offers are provided, optimized and, in some instances, automated through another service provided and are subject to change without notice.  *Vehicle posting is subject to acceptance and approval of websites and directories.  *Yext and DexKnows affiliated websites not included in listing or posting service.