Restaurant SEO

Restaurant SEO

Marketing and Advertising for restaurants?   What's your BIGGEST challenge when seo-ing or marketing a restaurant?  Honestly?  Yeah, honestly.  Properly spelling the word restaurant in English.   That damn word is the toughest to spell without spell check.

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Zion Cafe Bar

City / Western Market and Da Catch

Average restaurants in the U.S. serve 100-300 customers per day.

Restaurant Economy Statistics

These statistics outline trends in restaurants from a bigger picture perspective, from restaurant sales, dining trends, how much consumers spend on food, and more.

Restaurant Employment Statistics

These trends explore restaurant employees, hiring trends for restaurant staff, restaurant employee retention statistics, and more to help your restaurant stay competitive.

Restaurant Promotion Statistics

These restaurant industry statistics can help guide your social media and promotion strategy and attract new customers. Learn how your fellow users deploy social to grow their business.

Restaurant Sales Statistics

These statistics will show trends in restaurant sales, how restaurant owners evaluate their sales reports, and overall profit trends in the restaurant industry.

Guide to the Restaurant Guest

Learn how to navigate changing guest expectations during and after the COVID-19 health crisis.

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Restaurant Consumer Statistics

Restaurant consumers have changed their habits in 2020. Here’s how people are spending money at restaurants and consumer trends for the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Payment Statistics

Restaurant payment methods have changed more in the past year than they ever have. Here are the trends reported by restaurants and restaurant goers surrounding restaurant payment methods and technology.

Restaurant food statistics include ideas for how much variety your menu should have, what diners are looking for, and trends in food items and menus.

Restaurant Technology Statistics

Restaurant technology trends include statistics on POS software, payment processing, guest interaction tools and feedback tools, and what restaurant owners are looking for in technology products.

Source:  POS Toast Lab