Hire An SEO Company

What are the three main things to ask when hiring an seo company?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An SEO Company?

The pricing of solid and reputable seo companies vary significantly.  And by the way, Automation Anytime, as a seo company has re-branded 4 or 5 separate times.  In other words, the strategies vary significantly.  As Steve Schwartzman once stated in an interview, there aren't any patents in Finance, the same goes with SEO.  We, at times, sub-contract some of the work, so the content is also written for ourselves.  And, can assure you, it's not easy, especially with a global workforce, to discover a great seo sub-contractor or company.  For a U.S. based company most seo company contracts are anywhere from $500-$2500 per month.  However, what's included?  That's potentially a difficult question.  Really depends on what the company is trying to fix or solve, and/or, what goals the website/company has for growth and the timeline for the desired outcomes.  As you may notice, AutomationAnytime's pricing and package structure reflects both scenarios.  Discover our suite of seo services.

Can I Hire An SEO Company For SEO and What SEO Companies Are Recommended?

Obviously you can hire an seo company for seo and what do we recommend.  Probably Us, right?  Yeah, we do some seo things.  Other services we have deployed to part out services are Upwork.com and Fiverr.com - however, the results have been mixed.  Sometimes allocating funds without actionable returns on investment.  Yeah, it's business. There are wins and there are losses.  Other seo companies have some fantastic results and will bring on a bunch of clients, however, may not actually allocate time and resources required for fantastic results.  Like, think about it - if the SEO company was 'smart', would probably simply replicate product or service - unless, of course, the seo company simply didn't have the time or wasn't really interested in managing hundreds or thousands of companies, etc.

Is Do-It-Yourself SEO recommended?

Not really.  You'll probably notice our SEO GuideBook or Marketing Book on AutomationAnytime, feel free to download or purchase (actually a unfinished series of guides and books...).  However, one thing not often mentioned in most with most of these things is the TIME and EFFORT required to produce ideal results and, the learning process and iteration and, really, the 'thinking behind' that goes into ideal seo and marketing.

Really up to the website and company - here at AutomationAnytime, we can, perhaps clarify what is in your best interests based on budget, time, goals and so forth.