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What's the key to Amazon Prime SEO

We believe that ubiquotus and descriptive product placement and descriptions are the key to long term Amazon Prime search engine optimization - there is, however, some uncertainty about where or not Amazon Prime seo is assisted by paid amazon ads or amazon ppc, as we haven't found any research to suggest a correlation. We do believe, that, similar to many other product and service search portals, Amazon's goal is to organize and share product and consumer combinations of 'like minded' products and services that are often bought 'at the same time'. For example, in the old wharehousing way, one put earbuds next to earphone, next to microphones, next to other electronic things - under a label of portable electric devices, etc. However, in the nu way, Amazon SEO and wharehousing strategy will be correlated. Ironically, the best successful outcome to Amazon Prime SEO is to, perhaps with some Giggles (Google Glasses) 'think like a wha(o)rehouse'. In other words, consumers buy based on similar useful product combinations - not like labels. In the nu way, earbuds and running shoes will probably have a more successful outcome in higher Amazon Prime SEO product listings. Because...its a the use case of products and services with no logical correlation except on the level of use case.

here's an article from a previous colleague's company - his son went to schul in New York, or something - the article makes it blaringly clear that 'they' don't really know - nu!

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