Investor Page

Option A

Ownership share and non-ownership share to be discussed.

Short resume includes - 21 or 22 years of successful call center experience from top 1% of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara area call centers, publically traded company sales and marketing trainer, scaling a few startups and consulting various former peers with merger and acquisition analysis for both start up and enterprise level local and global organizations. 

Option B

Investor page for client acquisition process (A.I. voice powered application(s) that discovers consumer and business level mindsets as pertains to various offers)

For an allocated 7 1/2% of net revenue over a 13 month period after the first 3 months of net revenue generation -

asking for $2,700 per month for 12 months - a total of $32,500.  Payable in a lump sum with tiered limitation of %1,500 per month for 

monthly operational costs with a reserve of $900 for potential additional known and unkown technology or human costs.

Investment fund allocation:

$1,500 in set up costs for additional technology buildouts and testing

$1,500 per month in base line operation costs

Payout cycles for 1st line offer is $50 payable in net 30-90 day cycles

additional core product payouts range from $50-$2,500 in net revenue

additional revenue from lead and ancillary affiliate agreements when aggregated sales and lead reach affiliate payout levels

additional revenue from core product sales as re-investment occurs.

Projected net revenue after 3 month reaches $15,000 with tiered revenue generation climaxing at $45,000 per month in net revenue

Investor expectation gains at 7 1/2% returns

3 months @ $15,000 = $45,000

3 months @ $30,000 = $90,000

3 months @ $33,000 = $99,000

1 month @ $45,000 = $45,000

13 month net revenue = $279,000 x 7 1/2% = $69,750 = 215% ROI after 13 months

If 215% ROI is reached before 13 month biz cycle then investee obligations to investor are fulfilled.

If, at any point during monthly payouts investee reaches an unforseen conculusi on that the above investor payouts are not requireed

to scale company, then investee can void agreement with a verbal and written notice.  With a 10% additional payout of net profits to date.

An example might be - after 3 months of operation, investee allocated $3,000 for operations and generated $20,000 in net revenue after

3 months - investee obligations would be 7 1/2% + 10% of net revenue generated equaling $3,500