Currently hiring in positions for AutomationAnytime and one of our legal service company subsidiaries.  

Positions with AutomationAnytime

Telephone Sales Representative 

Sales Development - Business Development

If you have solid experience in outbound sale (basically handling and maintaining focus with over 120 and up to 400 calls per day) we can help you understand and obtain the finer points and details of high touch, long sales cycle with high value transactional and value building sales.  If you prefer, 'pound and ground' that's OKAY! too - as both skill sets are valuable and often times, one can't be very effective in both versions without loosing capacity in one or the other area.

Position with our Legal Services Subsidiary

Membership Enrollment Specialist

Our membership enrollment specialist is a precious, unique and very important part of our brand and our source of revenue flows.  And as an enrollment specialist, you don't mind, ACTUALLY having conversations (good or bad - negative or positive - right or wrong) with real people looking to solve or, at least, know and understand their grandparent rights questions, answers and potentially cases.

Grandparent rights, as an area of the U.S. legal system, is still a bit of a grey area, in that, the law is fairly straightforward in some states and other states not as clear cut.  So our enrollment specialist, must be fairly flexible when working with our attorney service requests, yet firm when explaining the potentiality of not having any grandparent rights at all.  (depending on their state and case)

Job Description 

Computer literate with mid to high level accumen in software services, crm, multi-touch enrollment process

Capacity to 1 call call enroll - 10-20 minute cycle of sale where you establish client trust, handle payment information and provide membership details and process during the first call.  Often times, roughly 7-15% of your membership calls will result in a sale that that takes roughly 45-60 minutes.  Often times, depending on attorney service leads / request you get per day, you may enroll 1-4 members per day.  (some of our reps have done 12 or 13 enrollments in a day due to follow ups, etc.)

Although you will obtain many first call enrollments, there will often times be attorney service requests that require a bit of toil and a few explanations, setting member expectations and follow up to ensure members is ready for resolution with an attorney and / or self service documentation.

You may find that, post enrollment, members may still reach out, on occasion to ask attorney related questions where you will direct them to their provider attorney with compassion and / or, perhaps, help them access the document portal.  As a membership enrollment specialist you are prohibited from hinting at or outright provided legal advice.  We take this portion of your job fairly seriously - although you may form some sort of relationship with members and explain to them that you are not an attorney, non-members and or members still may view as an attorney, of which, you are only a representative or a brand ambassador of various attorney networks.  Most of the time, that will be your biggest challenge when remaining compliant and ethical - as, it's easy to cross into a grey area when it comes to various states legal system.  Sometimes, the attorney networks and states don't even know themselves, however, still value that 'they' own the legal system and not a meager legal services company helping grandparents, with, for the most part cases that no-one else with help them solve.

Not a high call volume required - and positions are 100% remote - with weekly, and if needed, daily online meetings - just to keep the culture alive and well.

Most reps achieve their personal goals with roughly 40-50 outbound calls to very, very warm leads.  2-3 hours of conversation time per day.  Although, some reps double that amount, as long as membership enrollment specialists maintain a 10% conversion (after potential unhappy / refund requests - yes, even our brand has a few unhappy customers, it's almost impossible to avoid...)

If interested, please apply - we're always eager to meet someone who finds our site and wants to work with us to solve the proverbial 'problems of the world!'

Business Development Representative

As a business development representative for our legal services company, your primary job is to set and close business transactions for our small business legal service plan.

Over 800,000 small, medium and large business aren't fully protected from harmful and litigious lawsuits and/or in company lawsuits.  In other words, the legal fees or potential fees for either the employer and/or the employee can be overwhelming and complex.  As a small business, legal services consultant your position eases both the worry and the pocketbook's problems when dealing with potential and or legitimate legal matters.

You're job tasks are setting 2-5 appointments, on average per day and enrolling, at minimum 30-50 plans per week into our unique blend of legal protection.  After a small 3-4 month 'ramp' period, some of our reps average 200-400 legal services plans per month.  Which, depending on how you choose to be paid, your pay ranges from $60,000 - $120,000 per month in gross revenue.