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Per 200 - 300 word article written by post grad educated and marketing / seo experienced writer on any topic:  $100

Article spun and reposted on a monthly basis: $25/mo

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As the SNL sketch denotes - "oh, we have ourselves here a writer!"  Articles being picked up by articles syndicates is a science and an art - a magical way to acquire quality links and compete with some 'BIG' sites.  Unfortunately, at this time, not, at all our 'expertise' - what's the reason?   Well, from what we understand, great content wonks and those who generate revenue, on simply their writing and nothing else, typically have volumes of articles and content for seo to pull from in specific verticals.  When we do content, we write content for keywords, like 'search engine optimization' or 'content & articles' written into the article, 'naturally sounding to the reader who reads the articles' (and more importantly written for search algorithms).   In other words, filler content and articles for search engine optimization. 

Where does automated seo come into play?  Well, once a website owner understand the benefits and, perhaps, more importantly, drawbacks of 'spinning articles', AutomationAnytime, can deploy spun articles to 'speed up' the content creation process and, in affect, index a higher volume of pages.  Typically, our observation has been, only 'GREAT articles' and/or ones that pay larger content syndicates to display (not too dissimilar to Adwords) will achieve ranking content and articles on some of the first few pages.  That is an option, however, also a risk.  In other words, the same revenue may be more ideally 'invested' in Google Ads or by us creating additional pages for your site with either a 'unique and manually written keyword dense article' or spinning additional articles.

We've built a seo content & article spinner - however, the paid tools and some free ones as well, perhaps do a better job - We're actually uncertain, because our visibility into ranking content hasn't really been refined or tested.