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What is the average cost of link building?  All links have different rankings, take different amounts of effort and techniques to acquire and may or may not last or be relevant!!  

How much does link building cost in SEO?

Link building pricing can vary from $100 to over $1,500 per link, depending on the industry you are in. A common campaign budget is $5,000-$20,000/mo, often tied to content marketing activity that also has secondary KPIs.

With that stated, AutomationAnytime generates quality, one-way, inbound links with relevant anchor text for roughly $1-$10 per link.  The average for 100 quality inbound and relevant links is $400 dollars per month.

100 links per month: $400/mo

200 links per month: $700/mo

500 links per month: $1,500/mo

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The chain or inbound links?  Yeah, checking for and 'fixing' broken links/chains is also a portion of quality search engine optimization.  The process for generating inbound links is often discussed in various forums, however, a few strategies.

What's important, however, is ensuring the embedding links and toilsome seo work are indexed by Google - sometimes, the links/chains are indexed and sometimes not, nevertheless, the sheer volume of quality 'white hat' procceses, generally speaking produce an uptick in improved ranking results for keywords.

As with all weblinks and website pages the process for Google search crawlers is very interesting.  In other words, often times new websites will be immediately indexed while new pages on existing sites can vary from 2-3 weeks to up to 6-12 months.  Yikes!  We've also seen websites that become re-indexed with significantly less pages, even after all the guidelines of Google's seo guidelines are followed to the T.   - source

In January 2021, Google Search Advocate, John Mueller, elaborated on the topic, disclosing that it’s pretty normal that Google does not index all the pages of a large website. - source

He explained that the challenge for Google is trying to balance wanting to index as much content as possible with estimating if it will be useful for search engine users.

In SEO, inbound links, also known as backlinks, are crucial factors influencing a website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Here's a breakdown of their importance and how to acquire them:

Why Inbound Links Matter:

Types of Inbound Links:

Strategies to Build Inbound Links:

Important Considerations:

By implementing these strategies and focusing on creating high-quality content, you can attract valuable inbound links and improve your website's authority and ranking in search results. Remember, SEO is a long-term game, and building a strong backlink profile takes time and consistent effort.