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The reality of learning SEO's complicated and easy - long story, shorter - a lot of toilsome work online, that, frankly, really should be built according to 'what works' vs. 'what is unproven' and in the world of search engine optimization - A LOT HAS CHANGED!!!  AutomationAnytime started back when 'reciprocal links' (if you don't know what that is, purchase the larger seo book or the upcoming seo series) still achieved measurable improvement and mobile devices didn't even exist!  Imgine that world.  Whew!  The good news is...more modern versions of seo has more access to VOLUMES of users around the globe and the opportunity is only increasing in size.  Nevertheless, the rules have been modified for true seo experts and companies to thrive and, ultimately, better serve the user.  Voice applications also play a larger role, and that's, some could say, an impossible tasks.  Nevertheless, most of the important things (per Google's seo guide) should be completed before approaching, 'what's next' in voice search and how to optimize for those things...can probably be completed...

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