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When most of our folks turn on the news to find out what's going on in the tech world, what do we/they hear?  Something about AI taking over the globe and being cautious about the power of AI to transform one's everyday life.  Is that true?

Well, depends on where one derives their livlihood - for most of us, we simply chuckle and say, "well, Good luck!"  Sounds like some Hollywood movie, I, Robot, with Will Smith.  (I liked Mr. Smith goes to Washington...from back in the dayz...)

Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence is important - as the technologies keep driving into the American and foreign markets to enhance the learning capabilities of existing technologies, to, more most industries, provide additional insights of specific tasks.

Generative AI is one of the subsets of artificial intelligence that is deployed in a variety of industries.  The naming convention of the topic can basically sum up the overview of the suite of services contained within the vertical.

More specifically, ask AI to create an artical with absolutely no existing knowledge sets, and, well, a blank page or worse yet, no page about the topic at all!  People must be thinking to themselves, 'THIS IS IT!"  If only can be a first mover in THIS CATEGORY, That would be something!...

Generative AI for marketing automation is interesting to some and for others, perhaps most, a complete waste of time, in other words, places the burden of analysis (actual intelligence) into the hands of others to do the limited tasks associated with what the reports have 'generated'.  Not bad, if there is a squeeze for time or energy.  Which is most likely the case for everyone on planet earth that is in online marketing.

When a person not in marketing or marketing automation ponders about the world of AI, reads a few simple articles and summarizes the vastness and interations of artificial intelligence, some companies / people that have dwelt their every waking moment in that space, might ask themselves, "where's the justice?" (typical of people who live in the world of AI, because of the nature of computing systems control over 'input' / 'output' responses and the gangs of people who formed the existing technologies into 'things'.  

Okay, let's say a marketer has 'decided to peer into the world of generative ai for online marketing automation' - who do they turn to?

Well, unless they actually read an valuable article served up by Google (80% of search) or see an add on their social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook etc) there aren't billboards in Vegas that have these things 'written on the wall', and furthermore, if the network of folks one deals with may be the only 'expert', who would really know the difference from one thing or another?  (most marketers may not have had the luxury to work in big tech)

What's marketplace value for generative AI in marketing automation and the associated tools?   Depending on once's earning capacity expectations anywhere from interesting to (say it like the dude from Princess Bride, Veeeeeeeeeerrrrrry interesting...)

Nevertheless, if you believe that the generative AI for marketing is the hustle that will help you get by, fantastic.  We're be the driving force for AI deployment in other things...



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(learn what we 'really mean' and the actualized business impact of these things mean from a global, corporate evaluation of strategc initiatives - in other words, the person who made the decision about Generative AI, most likely, wouldn't even tell the CEO's boss about the conference unless there was a sizeable upside or downside to revenue flows for the foreseeable can lean that from US, here at Automation Anytime.)

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