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For customers of SEO and companies that engage in search engine optimization, one has probably noticed for a few years now the media buzz about AI. As we all know, things that get impressions, clicks ultimately lead to leads and sales. For a while now, AutomationAnytime simply researched marketing and sales processes, without really being a practitioner of SEO. As, previously, services clients, somewhat successfully with another SEO company and watching as customers, who were paying us for services, lost, at times, the hard fought rankings our team had achieved. That was in L.A., over 10 years ago. A lot has changed. Mostly simple things, that required simple updates. With AI, most SEO companies still emerge somewhat unschathed as big search engines use AI to help recognize patters of potentially others deploying inferior AI or simple bot networks. (we've done both, successfully, but most likely due to a small scale deployment). Content AI, at least for us, remains elusive, as we don't aggregate data from search content downloads then deploy crawlers to recognize patters. However, simple things like content spinners have failed, not sure why, because thought we did a decent job. Google and other search aggregates AI is super good, so, anyways, there are still probably a few things that can be done for content AI, however, guess you'll just have to reach out for some of our services and buy to find out.