Company Case Studies

Roots of Case studies, in other words, a "business version" of 'About Us'

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Founded in 2005 as a discounted legal service plan that serves family law legal consumers through discounted transactions of up to 40-90%.

A combination of pro-seo or self-representation products and services that offsets costs with a nationwide network of cost efficient attorneys that both  handle the entirty of a case from start to representation to finish and through simple advice on how to complete documents or ideal strategies to uncover various sections of various family law matters.

Initial startup costs were roughly $30,000 that included elaborate website buildout, office in Goleta, California, 5 contracted employees, off site attorney network and a merger and acquisition consultant.

Over a time horizon from 2005-2013 (roughly 8 years) we served over 15,000 consumers mostly legal service plans at an average customer gross valuation of $125 per customer.

From 2012-2013 the company averaged $25,000 in gross monthly revenues, however, due to unforseen attorney network issues and errors in customer service levels the company founder decided to close that version of the company and iterate to reach sustainable and predictable net revenues.

What's on the horizon for

 The next iteration of our legal service company reduced the target customer of consumers that often find themselves with no other attorney that may serve them.

In other words, the key the next level of our legal services company is the marketing process that combines standard automation services to ensure customer awareness and additional communication mechanisms so our customers feel secure that our customers, from a legal standpoint, are completely protected with the, one could say, the 'best of the best' in class of attorney network and legal resources to reach a successful outcome to their legal matter at a cost that is surprisingly reasonable.

Energy Company Case Study -

Roughly $150,000 in start costs included a 10 seat call center in Goleta, California and offices in Los Angeles and Stockton, California.

With roughly 1.8 million in gross revenues in 6 months in 2014 the company was planning to reach the level of acquiring an ESCO agreement which would allow for average net customer profit to rise from roughly $100 per acquired customer to roughly $1,000 per acquired customer.

Our team included advanced and experienced, "real world" start up and growth experts and a mix of alternative energy industry "veterans".

After brining on over 700+ contracted representatives across southern and northern California the company closed without any net positive revenue and a portion of the company being served a potential lawsuit that had nothing to do with our company operations, simply a dispute with PG&E and other service providers.

What's on the horizon for

The next iteration of the energy company includes a mix of additional services and products with roughly 1% of the orignial start-ups.  We are set to deploy fairly mid-level tech to acquire the volume of customers with completely eliminating the potential liability of various contractual obligations, in other words, creating an agile and strong base of acquisition strategies while avoiding, in the world of business today, virtually every potential pitfall.

The company mission is secondary to our deployed technology, and, in our opinion, "that's a good thing", in other words, in the vertical of alternative energy products and services,

contracts and 'the legal side of things' can often be influenced to limit scale.  However, we still decided to contribute, where we can, to solutions that are beneficial to a 'cleaner world and environment'.

Search Engine Optimization Company Case Study - OnlineMediaReach

Founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, California - We deployed an early version of search engine optimization strategies that achieved 1st page rankings for a variety of keywords across a wide array of industries.

Our customers enjoyed the luxury of high returns with a volume of value add leads and online brand creation that generated real revenue.  The main point of our company is that, it works.

All of our customers wrote positive testimonials on behalf of our services, especially when our customers attempted to shop the market with comparable services.

Some of our original customers are still hold contracts with the original founders of our company - which, in the marketing and advertising space, a, perhaps notable achievement.

What's on the Horizon for the SEO company?

The next iteration of OnlineMediaReach has been brewing since roughly 2015 - our process is still currently being refined.