Zion Cafe Bar

Zion Cafe Bar SEO - Online and offline marketing proposal

Zion Cafe Bar's marketing proposal is a bit different than 'simple' online marketing and seo services - in other words, their online marketing is in 'good working order' for their current expected outcomes.  What are their suggestions for increasing revenue?  A mix of offline marketing, partnership programs, 'rev' share programs and perhaps, some online marketing...


Simple observations for a seasoned and successful entrepreneur for Zion Cafe Bar.

1.  Their 'QR code' deployment isn't used.  (shape the path - a mention in Dna & Chip Heath's book- SWITCH)

observed solution:  simply have a physical object on the counter that directs consumers to acquire a 3-5% discount for their next 3-5 purchases by downloading an app or using their phone for the QR code)

2.  Increase coffee shop overall square footage by utilizing their basement as for customers (moving storage to another location or to their other address...)

3. Put a 'return in the same day discount / put QR code on receipt / 'power hour' discount times during predictable slow periods

4.  Acquire an official announcement (paid by ad team to Peoria Rivermen / Peoria Chiefs) of a place for 'sports fans', etc.

5.  Reduce lawsuit liability by installing a fire extinguisher on location (a current shop violation - which could cause establishment to be closed...) and repair cracks in foundation and cover with a mat to reduce potential lawsuits of people purposely or accidentally 'falling due to cracks...)

6. Obtain PLUP policy to cover any potential lawsuit 

In other words, these are extremely simple observations - mostly deal in the world of AI and scaling innovative call centers - however, some 'connections'  and/ or small bits of funding and/or job will soon be required.

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