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Not sure why some random US state IA (Iowa) has been getting all this attention for being great technologists...I've been there, in a little town called...Garner, IA (my father was the pastor / pasturizing the milk there) and, at the time, didn't know anything about the state of Artificial Intelligence or the state of Iowa, besides how to sell websites with a version of Jeff Bezo's ideas...things haven't changed, that much.  Mostly hype.  Nevertheless, AI seo does save a bit of time and resources, nevertheless, still effort and creativity invovled when building campaigns that convert.

AI SEO Automation?????  In other words, the automated ad campaigns is what Google does, well, sometimes.  What's the difference between letting Google automation 'do the work' and a ad agency or seo automation company build and manage campaigns?  VAST - in other words, really about time costs - in other words, Google's algorithms manage BILLIONS of daily transactions and for the algorithms to fully optimize a campaign for each individual click would require an employee of Google, in other words, being paid to build each individual campaigns according to user specs and interactions - actually possible for Google to complete 'auto-magically', however, the extreme efficiency would render lower profits and potentially not be the ideal use of their time, or something.  So Google let's people and companies like AutomationAnytime, build, manage and optimize campaigns - we have a few unique tricks, nevertheless, really comes down to toilsome and tedios micro-interactions over an extended period of time.

What, really, is AI seo automation?

SEO automation - Defintion:  Build rule sets then sit back and watch increased rankings, impressions, clicks, calls, leads and sales?

Well, exactly and not exactly.  Google, as a search engine, and 'all things interent', seems to deploy some strategy to ensure that seo optimizers, like AutomationAnytime, continually update rule sets, scripts, websites, etc.  In other words, perhaps eating potato chips and skiing is allowable, nevertheless, seo automation does increase efficiency which, in turn, lowers costs while raising quality, however, by no means is a magical solution to search engine optimization.

Remember, not ALL A.I. is equal - take a step or perhaps even two steps back and think about what AI really is - in other words, depending on your familiarity with programming, grasp the larger picture, first - then bring your mind into the specifics.

The founder of AutomationAnytime, while at Citrix, and in Corporate marketing and sales, began being deeply curious about the impacts, first on the proverbial 'negative side' then, as applies to business processes, the 'positive side'.

All artificial intelligence is, is a machine doing tasks that humans previously did or currently do.  In other words, something as simple as lighting a Candle on Friday night (done by humans), then the invention of a light bulb...although, you may still want to light the candle on Friday, for some non-obvious reasons.  

Iteration, testing, using existing systems and databases of information to reference and find sometimes true and sometimes false correlations with data sets, building software or hardware based on those correlations and iterations.  Until over a set period of testing / time and statistical significance, results can be aggregated and hopefully, accurate predictions / conclusions made.

As A.I. relates to seo automation, the process, simply uses a pre-defined model (Google's and other search engines search algorithms as the basic framework of 'testing', then our systems and processes interacting with Google search algorithms to, hopefully, reach some sort of improved search result for our clients or our own sites.  Make sense?

AI SEO Automation


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How SEO Automation Can Revolution Your Online Marketing

What's really the difference of traditional seo and seo automation?

There isn't really an great chasm in tactics, techniques and approach between traditional seo and seo automation.

The main difference is the effectiveness and time costs and how those two factors are passed on as bottom line savings in cost of services.

A fairly large number of methods has changed with search engine optimization, however, the principles of successful search engine rankings have not changed.

We simply engage in the automation of the methods that have proven to improve rankings of websites and the content displayed across many online channels.

SEO automation is not the best fit for many types of industries and keyword, and a traditional approach may serve as an ideal approach to search engine optimization.

At the same time, the effectiveness of automating many parts of your seo process can lift your website rankings in less time.