Website And Landing Page Buildouts

costs of building a website with automationanytime

What's the Average cost to build a business level website according to Forbes?  

Business Type

Web Design Costs

Small Business Website (Up to 16 Pages)

$2,000 to $9,000

Corporate Website (Up to 75 Pages)

$10,000 to $35,000

E-Commerce Website (Up to 1,000 Products)

$5,000 to $55,000

Website Application (Up to 2,000 Pages)

$6,000 to $75,000

AutomationAnytime pricing:

1-5 page website (with onsite optimization included): $400

6-20 page website (with onsite optimization included): $800

21-100 page website (with onsite optimization included): Up to $1,500

100-500 page website (with onsite optimization included): Up to $4,000

500-1,000 page website (with onsite optimization included): Up to $10,000

Ask for pricing for sites larger than 1,000 pages.

A/B split test, multi-virate landing page with click tracking.

If you build it...they will .com?  If you build what?   Okay, so...the soure above about 'the average cost of website builds' is a little bit disappointing for 'us', cause, like, we basically have been building most simple sites for basically free (for simple 1 or 2 page sites), especially when bundled with other services.  But, then again acquired a 'Forbes billionaire list' that was listed and sold (thousands of) at $1,500 for a bit of manual 'online' labor.

In other words, our pricing does vary depending on the project.

website and landing page builds : seo automationi
website and landing pages : automated seo

Websites and landing pages serve distinct purposes within the digital marketing landscape. Here's a breakdown of the key differences to help you understand which one you need:


Landing Page:

Here's a table summarizing the key differences:



Landing Page


Comprehensive brand & information hub

Specific conversion (lead gen or sales)

Content & Functionality

Multiple pages, diverse content, various functionalities

Single page, minimal content, limited functionalities

User Journey

Exploration, information gathering

Focused conversion towards a specific CTA


Multi-page navigation for exploration

Limited or no navigation to avoid distractions

Use Cases

Brand building, information sharing

Marketing campaigns, lead generation, sales

Choosing Between a Website and Landing Page:

In many cases, businesses benefit from having both a website and landing pages working together. Your website can serve as your main platform, while strategically placed landing pages can support specific marketing initiatives and boost conversions.