Automated Google Ads

automated Google Ads

What's the difference between automated Google ads and most other Google ads services?

Automated Google Ads really comes down changing a feature for manual bidding and importing or developing a script that adjust bids based on how Google's keyword auction script is pricing keywords in correlation to ads.

We, at AutomationAnytime, found that for most ad campaigns, this kind of Ad campaign optimization isn't really necessary.

However, there are a volume of features and processes in most companies Google Ad campaigns that can be optimized.  Thinks like, how the campaign is set up, negative keyword selection, budge optimization for device type, multiple campaigns, campaign budget allocation, ad creatives, location targeting and muli-platform cross marketing with customer match options.

Here at Automation Anytime, we'll help you and your company optimize your way to greater profitability, today!

Why is deploying Automated rules that 'go beyond' what Google has for Google Ad Developers a way to gain the proverbial/literal 'slight edge' on what some BIG ad agencies are doing / building?  In other words, imagine your Ad team who has a budget of 150-300 Million per year, and only has 10 marketing and engineering workers has to squeeze every blood from grapes and organes - easy right?  Yeah, because Google ads has built in features of when to update campaigns based around pre-defined developer metrics.   Takes some time and know how to properly deploy, however, most who manage 'BIG' campaigns use and deploy these strategies to 'save time' and do a good job.

The strategy is not too different, perhaps, of being a modern options or currency trader that earns revenue based on marginal costs of various stocks and if managing someone else's revenue, depending on how contracts are set up, can earn more if they trade better, from day to day.  In other words, has an pre-set monthy or annual contract with their client and then introduces (at least with more savvy clients, in other words, ones that realize that we/they also have similar capability and capacity to successfully trade stock, but, simply desire to do something different with their time on Earth), a contract that also pays for the marginal cost of keyword phrases, or clicks or, perhaps even sales.   In other words, the difference between fixed rate keyword, lead or sale costs and variable rate keyword, lead or sale costs.

At AutomationAnytime, our automated Google Ad service is built to save time for ourselves, so we can manage and successfully optimize a greater number of different type of campaign based on, not only a system similar to Google Ads automated developer rules, but, also, our own system of updating the advertising portion and unique content portion of Google Ads.  In other words, not simply the bidding.  

Our automated Google Ad service works and allows us to offer a 'world class'service offering at a cost that floors other shops and agencies.  Reach out, to discover more.

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