Sean Oswald LitRPG Adventure

Basic 'sale process' used here is Barry Rhein's Selling Through Curiosty with a little bit of Andy Graham sauce sprinked in

Yeah, add that in there....THEY have underated/overrated, perhaps, THE GG's latent traits and his brother & friend Andy.  Taught Barry's program to roughly 17 reps at Citrix's, at least then, (GoTo).  Some of these reps went on to be mid level management at companies like Cisco, Zoom and a few other small tech companies.

Ebook / book sales conversion rates

Website conversion rates have quite a bit of variance depending on the industry and business model. Generally though, ecommerce conversion rates are lower coming in between 1.84% and 3.71% - while the average conversion rate across industries ranges between 2.35% and 5.31%. 

Amazon listings have a conversion rate of 10% to 15% on average. Prime members had an even higher percentage, over 74%. This is because many consumers who browse Amazon are already planning to buy something—if not right away, then soon. 


Besides all the standard 'corporate business speak' the real question is...does the core REALLY want to do mortal combat with AirForce special forces and a dude, that coulda, shoulda except went into business (due not allowed due to having three holes in my heart and survived, at least, per what the Catholic, Jewish doctor who performed the surgery in the 80's, a medical miracle), butt then like competed against the Seals and trained with Army Rangers and high and mid ranking military elites from the Vietnam war era?

Unfortunatly, the USMC company is beyond their rite or capacity to enter into our world, hence the immediate demise - case closed.  May G-d have mercy on the next few happenings.  Their current address is 6211 'Black Oak' in Peoria, IL - while my brother a U.S. Air Force vetern had nothing, 'they' apparently chose to side against G-d.  A fatal mistake.  One that no amount of money can repair.  Especially, during a Yom Tov?  I felt brutally attacked by their 'Christian' world view, while 'they' espouse a religion that they, apparently, fail.  Disgusting.  In my meager defense, the Double GG wasn't going to use the tiny stove from 'The Emerald City nor wanted to sell, so, my only option, at least at the time, was to smash the tiny stove to bits with a sledge hammer.